rebecca headshotProfessional Content Creation is a site dedicated to teaching small business owners how to use content to market their businesses.

We do this by providing tutorials and info on best practices for different aspects of blogging and other types of content creation.

Knowing that the blogging journey is a marathon, not a sprint and can be hard and discouraging at times, we also provide a huge dose of encouragement to keep you motivated, so you’ll also find posts that focus on mindset and motivation.

For those who need help that goes beyond the information provided in our content, we provide a small range of services to help you use content to make a difference in your business.


Hi, I’m Rebecca Livermore, the owner of Professional Content Creation.

I’ve been a professional freelance writer since 1993. Although I got my start writing articles in print magazines, I’ve been a web content writer since 2006. I now prefer producing web content over print media.

I’m a strong believer in both social media and content marketing, knowing that businesses that embrace these types of marketing are far more likely to succeed in today’s world, than those that stick with more traditional “old school” ways of marketing.

My background includes 17 years as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, living and working in India as a cultural researcher, and experience as a executive virtual assistant with a specialty in social media and content marketing.

I work from my home in Denver,Colorado, am married, a mom to two young adults, a 12-year-old rat terrier named Jake, and a kitten named Jasmine (Jazzy).