1. Lisa Stover

    I really like this post. I’ve never had anyone really out-right disagree with me (but I’ve only been live a month, so I’m sure that will come sooner than later lol). I did have a comment I didn’t appreciate, but I replied to it instead of deleting it. I did this because there are always going to be negative comments and blog readers know this, so I felt deleting it would be hiding the fact that not everyone agreed with the winner. And, as long as it’s not completely rude, that’s fine by me.


  2. Lisa

    Everyone has an opinion and I’m okay with them expressing it – or even pointing out when I am wrong. I just ask that everyone be respectful and courteous on my blog.


  3. Ray Colon

    Hi Rebecca,

    I doubt whether it’s true that the majority of bloggers are to be found occupying those two extreme positions.

    (See what I did there? Criticism, right off the bat). 🙂

    Seriously though, I understand that no one really likes disagreement, but most of the bloggers that I follow are pretty good at dealing with it. My approach is to just be honest, which means that I don’t hesitate to agree or disagree in my replies. One thing that I am mindful of while responding is to look for a positive within the negative comment and express my feelings about that along with my disagreement with other parts of the comment. That way, the reader doesn’t feel that their opinion has been totally dismissed. We’re not in this to fight after all — well, some bloggers are. I think that most of us are interested in an open exchange of ideas.


    • Rebecca Livermore

      Ray, I like you already, because you say what you think, but you do so with kindness.

      I can say that you are “mostly right” in your first sentence, however, it would be very boring to focus on people that are smack in the middle. This blog post was actually inspired by extremists,one in particular, who will not admit they are wrong no matter one. I also come across a lot of “everything is sunshiny” bloggers, who just agree with everything people write in comments, even if they wrote the exact opposite in the blog post.

      Now having said that, I would also agree that very few just want to fight, but we all know people who are like that, but I try to avoid those simply because it’s pointless trying to talk with them.

      I also agree with your approach of balancing positive and negative. We all want to feel like we’ve been heard and that our opinion is valid, even if someone disagrees. It’s definitely not helpful to come across in such a way that makes someone look or feel stupid.

      It makes a lot of sense that you will find all types of bloggers, just as you’ll find all types of any other group of people. Bloggers bring to the table who they are in real life, and while you can fake it on a blog easier than you can in real life, if someone is a jerk, that will become evident soon enough. On the other hand, people who are “Pollyanna” in real life probably will be on their blogs as well.

      And then of course, there are those of us who balance it all perfectly 😉


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