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When it comes to building an email list, there are many options. Two of the more popular email marketing providers are ConvertKit and MailerLite. In this article I’ll do a deep dive on ConvertKit Vs. MailerLite so you can decide which email marketing provider is best for you.

My Experience with MailerLite and ConvertKit

Let me say up front that I’ve been a MailerLite user for a few years. My experience with ConvertKit is much less.

I decided to write this article because I recently considered switching from MailerLite to ConvertKit. Ultimately, I decided to stick with MailerLite. I suppose that’s somewhat of a spoiler, and you might be tempted to stop reading now. But I encourage you to keep reading because there are pros and cons to both email marketing tools. After reading the facts regarding MailerLite vs. ConvertKit, you may come to a different conclusion for yourself.

My goal in this article is to give you all the information you need about these two email marketing providers, along with my own thought process in choosing MailerLite over ConvertKit.

Article Summary: MailerLite beats out ConvertKit in several areas, particularly price. The free version of MailerLite has more features and allows more subscribers compared to the free version of ConvertKit. The only advantage of ConvertKit over MailerLite is ease of use in selling simple digital products. Overall, MailerLite is a better option for most people.

Keep reading for a detailed understanding of how I came to the above conclusion.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of MailerLite and ConvertKit

a side by side comparision of mailerlite vs convertkit

As much as possible, I’m now going to give you a side-by-side comparison of these two email marketing providers. I say as much as possible because their tiers are broken down differently.

For example, with any email marketing service, prices are based on the number of subscribers. Prices go up incrementally, as your subscriber count increases. Those price increases come at different points with both options, which is why it’s a bit hard to make direct comparisons.

Free MailerLite Vs. Free ConvertKit

If you’re just starting to build a blog or business, you may not have much, if any income. Because of this, it’s nice to do what you can for free.

Thankfully, both MailerLite and ConvertKit have free options, which gives you an opportunity to try both of these email marketing providers without taking out your credit card.

Number of Subscribers for Free in MailerLite Vs. ConvertKit

With MailerLite, you can have up to 1,000 subscribers for free. In contrast, with ConvertKit, you are limited to just 300 subscribers in a free account. Obviously, with the MailerLite free account, you have an opportunity to grow your email list to an extent where you can use your list to make a decent amount of money before you even upgrade.

Comparing the Features of the Free Accounts

In the bulk of this article, I’ll provide information about features later on. But when looking at the features of the free accounts of both email marketing providers, there is one significant limitation with the ConvertKit free account that it’s important to know right at the start.

The Free Version of MailerLite

But first, let’s take a look at the free version of MailerLite and then we’ll dive into how it compares with the free version of ConvertKit.

In the free version of MailerLite, you get the following:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Email automation builder
  • Websites
  • 10 landing pages
  • Signup forms and popups

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with the websites since I build everything on WordPress. But websites with the free option are a great way to start if you have zero budget. The free websites can also be useful if you want to create a website for a specific product or service that you can link to from your main website. For example, if you’re an author you may want to set up a free MailerLite website for each book.

In my opinion, the most important features of the free version are the signup forms and popups and the email automation builder. The email automation builder allows you to deliver lead magnets, set up an autoresponder series, and so on. While not listed in the list of features, you can also send email broadcasts with the free version of MailerLite.

The Free Version of ConvertKit

With the free version of ConvertKit, you get the following:

  • Unlimited landing pages and forms
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Sell digital products and subscriptions
  • Community support

The most important thing to note here is that with the free version of ConvertKit, you can only send email broadcasts. There is no automation feature with the free version.

What this means in practical terms is that with the free version of ConvertKit, there is no way to automate the delivery of a lead magnet. This also means that you can’t set up any type of autoresponder series with the free version of ConvertKit.

The only strategy I can see working with the free version of ConvertKit is to have a general, “Sign up for my newsletter!” optin form on your site. While that’s better than nothing, that type of “incentive” is the least effective way of growing your email list. This one feature alone makes the free version of ConvertKit nearly useless in my opinion.

Now there is one feature available in the free version of ConvertKit that is missing in the free version of MailerLite, and that is the option to sell digital products and subscriptions.

Free Email Marketing Provider Winner: MailerLite

MailerLite Vs. ConvertKit – Pricing

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the pricing for the paid versions of both MailerLite and ConvertKit.

Since the number of allowed subscribers per tier is different for each company, in the table below, I’ll use the subscriber count breakdown for MailerLite and provide information on how much ConvertKit costs for the same number of subscribers.

We’ll look at the monthly cost when paying month by month, and also what the cost if you chose to pay annually.

Note: For both MailerLite and ConvertKit, I’ll use the basic plans (known as Growing Business in MailerLite and Creator in ConvertKit).

Cost Per # of
Up to 1,000 SubscribersFree$29/month or $290/year MailerLite has a paid account with more features for $10/month for up to 1,000 subscribers. There is a free version of ConvertKit for up to 300 subscribers.
Up to 2,500 Subscribers $17/month or $180/year $49/month or $490/yearThere isn’t a 2500 plan, so these figures are for 3000 subs in ConvertKit.
Up to 5,000 Subscribers$32/month or $348/year$79/month or $790/year
Up to 8,000 Subscribers$34/month or $373/year$99/month or $990/year
 Up to 10,000 Subscribers$54/month or $564/year$119/month or $1190/year
Up to 15,000 Subscribers$87/month or $924/year$149/month or $1490/year
Up to 20,000 Subscribers$119/month, $1260/year$179/month or $1790/year
Up to 25,000 Subscribers$139/month, $1500/year$199/month or $1990/year
Up to 30,000 Subscribers$159/month or $1668/yearConvertKit doesn’t have a 30K option, so the pricing after 25K is in the up to 35K tier.
Up to 35,000 Subscribers$179/month or $1860/year$259/month or $2590/year
Up to 40,000 Subscribers$199/month or $2,040/yearConvertKit doesn’t have a 40K option, so the pricing after 30K is in the up to 45K tier
Up to 45,000 Subscribers$220/month or $2244/year$319/month or $3190/year
Up to 50,000 Subscribers$239/month or $2460/yearConvertKit doesn’t have a 50K option. The next tier is 55K at a cost of $379/month or $3790/year

MailerLite Vs. Convert Kit Pricing Winner: MailerLite

When you compare the cost of MailerLite Vs. ConvertKit, MailerLite is the clear winner.

MailerLite Vs. ConvertKit Features

So, the big question is, do you get enough extra for the money with ConvertKit compared to MailerLite? To answer that question, let’s look at the features.

Again, it will be difficult to do a direct feature comparison because each of these email marketing tools have strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s take a look at the features in each one.

MailerLite Features

For the features list, in MailerLite, I’m looking at just the features in the Growing Business Plan, because that’s what the prices in the above table are based on.

Here’s a list of the MailerLite features in the Growing Business Plan:

  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Email Automation Builder
  • Websites
  • 10 Landing Pages
  • Sign Up Forms and Popups
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Unlimited templates
  • Dynamic Emails
  • Auto Resend Campaign
  • Unlimited Websites and Blogs
  • Unsubscribe Page Builder
  • Live chat and email support

ConvertKit Features

Now let’s look at the ConvertKit features, and then I’ll give some thoughts on the pros and cons of each option. This feature list is based on the ConvertKit Creator plan, since the prices in the table above are based on that plan.

  • Unlimited landing pages and forms
  • Send email Broadcasts
  • Sell digital products and subscriptions
  • Live chat and email support
  • Free migration from another tool
  • Automated funnels and sequences

MailerLite Vs. ConvertKit Feature Thoughts

In just looking at the features of MailerLite compared with ConvertKit, the initial impression is that MailerLite has more features than ConvertKit.

That is true to some degree, but when you dig a bit deeper, there are some differences. Some of those differences are in MailerLite’s favor, and some in ConvertKit’s favor.

First, you can see that MailerLite’s Growing Business plan comes with 10 landing pages, and ConvertKit’s Creator plan comes with unlimited landing pages.

So, at first glance, if you want a lot of landing pages, then you may want to go with ConvertKit. However, MailerLite comes with unlimited websites, and you can gather leads on the websites. So, you could conceivably build a one-page MailerLite website and use it as a landing page.

Another seemingly similar feature between the two is that you can sell digital products using both email marketing tools.

However, the digital product selling option in ConvertKit is very streamlined and easy to use. While the process is possible with MailerLite, it involves a more complex set up process, and involves integrating with Stripe.

The digital product selling option in ConvertKit is what almost made me change my mind. I came close to switching from MailerLite to ConvertKit just to have such a simple digital product selling solution.

Another option available in MailerLite that is lacking in ConvertKit is the ability to create beautiful emails. Now there’s no clear consensus on whether this is good or bad.

The general idea behind ConvertKit seems to be one of sending what appears to be a basic letter, instead of what looks like a newsletter from a company. With MailerLite, you can go as basic or as fancy as you want.

MailerLite Vs. Convert Features Winner: Tie

Overall, I think that MailerLite comes out slightly ahead of ConvertKit when it comes to features. But the option known as “ConvertKit Commerce” is a very attractive feature that is superior to MailerLite’s digital product sales option.

The biggest question for me is whether or not the inflated price of ConvertKit compared to MailerLite is worth it for that one main feature. Ultimately, I decided it wasn’t, and because of that decided to stick with MailerLite.

Ultimate Winner in MailerLite Vs. ConvertKit: MailerLite

Especially considering the substantial price difference and the fact that you can have a robust email marketing system for up to 1,000 email subscribers in MailerLite makes MailerLite a better option for most people.

Even considering the sleeker digital product option in Convertkit, in my opinion, you can’t really justify the price based on that alone. This is especially true when you consider that MailerLite does have a digital product option. If you don’t like that, you can integrate MailerLite with other digital product options such as WooCommerce, Gumroad, and Shopify.

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